My college friend Travis calls me a diamond in the rough, and God knows my life is rough. I ran away from my abusive parents at sixteen and made my way through college all on my own. Now I’m broke, living in my car, and hoping against hope someone will give me a job.

When I land the position of assistant to world famous architect, Jude Lazarus, everything seems to be turning around for me. He’s young, hot, and brilliant; and I quickly fall flat-on-my-face in love with him. But Lazarus is a demanding, complicated boss plagued with a mysterious string of lawsuits by former female assistants. I don’t want to want him. But I do. More than anything in the world. And he barely knows I exist.

Just how far am I willing to go to catch his eye? How much of myself will I give away? And exactly what’s behind the multiple lawsuits against Lazarus? Will my new position turn out to be a hot, steamy dream come true or just another frustrated fantasy?